A Bilingual Conference

We are pleased to announce that SHARP 2015 will be a bilingual event. Please see below for details:

What will be bilingual?

The Environment:
    • All participants may speak to members of the organizing committee in either English or French and can expect to be spoken to in their language of choice.
    • Registration may be completed in either English or French, with a bilingual representative at the Registration Desk.
    • Bilingual assistants will be available to answer any questions throughout the conference.
    • The majority of residents of Quebec speak both French and English. Participants will, therefore, be able to communicate in either language, both within and outside of the conference (at tourist sites, hotels, restaurants, etc.).
All Published Documentation:
    • Website (including all tweets posted by the organizers)
    • Call for papers
    • Conference program and schedule
    • Conference abstracts and summaries
    • Biographical notes
    • Ads and notices on the conference website
    • Any other document published by SHARP 2015
Some Presentations During the Conference:
    • All remarks made by conference organizers (welcome addresses, instructions, etc.) will be in both languages.
    • Simultaneous translation will be provided for plenary events (keynote addresses, roundtables, etc.).


In what language may session, paper or poster proposals be submitted?

    • Proposals and biographical notes may be written in either French or English.
    • Bilingual presentations are welcome.


In what language will the presentations be made?

    • Participants may present their work in either English or French.
    • Some sessions will be bilingual.


What can I do in order to support the bilingual aspect of the event?

    • We encourage participants to present their slides or their handouts in both languages.
    • The organizers of SHARP 2015 will be unable to provide a translation service. Participants who wish to translate their presentation, handout or slides will have to do so with their own resources and at their own expense. However, the organizers are working with the officers of SHARP to find ways, including using online technology, of supporting these translation activities. More information will be provided in the coming months.


Where can I find a translator?

English >

Arès, Mathieu : mathieu.ares3@usherbrooke.ca
Gilbert, Simon : sgilbert@ubishops.ca
Laporte, Marie-Noël : info@atelierplume.ca
Lavertu, Ghislaine : ghislaine.lavertu@usherbrooke.ca
Parent, Céline : celine.parent@usherbrooke.ca
Ponton-Hurtubise, Catherine : Catherine.Ponton-Hurtubise@USherbrooke.ca
Roy, Sylvie : traduction.saroy@gmail.com
St-Pierre, Marie-Christine : mariechristine.stpierre@gmail.com
Taillebois, Laurence : laurencetaillebois@hotmail.com
Théberge, Sarah : sarah.theberge@usherbrooke.ca

French > English

Allard, Daniele:  daniele.allard@gmail.com
Dagenais, Natasha: Natasha.Dagenais@usherbrooke.ca
Lepine, Joachim : info@traductionslion.com
Lorga, Anton : tonyrosca@hotmail.com
McNeil, Françoise : francoise.mcneil@cgocable.ca
Milanovic, Eva : eva.milanovic@usherbrooke.ca